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What does data driven innovation look like?

Leveraging insights and generating new business opportunities by integrating data science and statistical learning in an iterative manner are the building blocks of data driven innovation. This enables today's corporations to thrive in competitive markets where the utilisation of advanced data techniques becomes more and more ubiquitous. We support our customers to explore their data driven capabilities by taking a holistic approach on the end to end innovation process.

This includes multiple aspects:

  • Identification of market pain points and elaboration of suitable problem fits
  • Technical conceptualisation and implementation by using agile methods and well established processes
  • Integration of statistical models and machine learning elements into product components
  • Building products in accordance with customer requirements by communicating and jointly extracting requirements
  • Establishing awareness about the data driven innovation product development cycle


Computer Vision
Automating visual inspection for high efficiency and reliability
Quality Assurance
Recognizing and localizing objects in an image or video for automated sorting, steering or processing
Object Detection
Generative Design can help create cost-efficient and higher quality products
Design & System Optimization
Looking for specific patterns in your sensor readings or logs such as failures or security breaches
Anomaly Detection
Language Processing
Ingesting large amounts of analog or digital documents often simply is only feasible in a (semi-)automatic manner
Document Analysis
Automating internal and external digital communication

Reference Projects

Sensor Data

Our project partner sells sensors to measure oil tanks’ fill levels. Incorrect installations of these sensors can lead to wrong measurements and high costs, which in turn leads to unhappiness on the clients’ side.

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Sales Data

Our project partner recurrently sells oil to various consumers, e.g. farms. Their sales department struggled to find the correct timing in approaching previous clients to maximize the likelihood of a successful sale.

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Medical App

In this project we supported a hospital to execute the requirements engineering for an app which aims to reduce patients’ overall intake of antibiotics and improving medication efficiency.

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In this project we supported our project partner to empirically prove their Aphasia-app’s treatment benefits as required by law for medical products.

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