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Who we are

We are a holistic consultancy focused on the automation of manual, inefficient work to eliminate risk and intransparency in machine learning projects to enable data driven innovation for companies with unused potential.
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What we offer

Identifying the right use case (desirability, feasibility and viability) based on your data
Use-Case Workshops
Giving you technical and business insights in technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing or chatbots
Giving you hands-on experince in user centric innovation approaches like design thinking and Google design sprints
Detailed data analysis and visualization to understand the real value of your data
Common development of an individualized data strategy to prepare you for further data driven innovation
Identification and exploration of your most promising use cases through a holistic and iterative approach
Implementation of a proof-of-concept prototype to validate all critical technical and business-related hypotheses
Proof Of Concept
Development and implementation of your production-ready and scalable data driven innovation
Product Development
On-premise or cloud-based deployment with roll-out support and continuous maintenance
Deployment & Support
Through many years in tech R&D and dozens of different projects in the fields of data science, machine learning and user centric innovation, we have experience in diverse technologies and applications. Not sure which one fits your case? Contact us and we will choose the perfect solution together.
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What Our Customers Say

"Fast, communicative, analytical - we are thrilled with Aitaro's ability to dig into the most complex data sets while always keeping our wishes in mind. This is how we imagine teamwork for innovation! Thanks a lot!"
Dr. Mona Späth
CEO, Neolexon
"Aitaro has been instrumental in helping us develop a new product. Together with Aitaro were able to go from idea to customer and functional analysis to a saleable product within a few weeks. The product became a complete success - the development speed to that point was insane."
Till Neumeier
CEO, latAI GmbH
"Aitaro supported us in the ongoing development of our IoT data platform. Contentwise, they worked out ideas with us and accompanied us in an iterative process until go-live. On the innovation track, they took us to a new level in terms of processes. On the data science level, they worked with us to refine AI models and improve performance. Worth it, would do it again."
Dr. Michael Kolb

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